North Star History

Trevanion W. Hugo, IX°

Chief Adept 1911- 1923

Our Founding

The SRICF in Minnesota was first formed in Duluth in 1911, under the name of Northwestern College. It was lead by Trevanion W. Hugo, however, interest in Rosicrucianism seemed to wane in Minnesota and the College became inactive in 1918. Chief Adept Hugo passed in 1923. Minnesota Rosicrucianism went dormant.

David S. Bouschor, IX°

Chief Adept 1980 – 19XX

Our Reconstitution

The North Star College was constituted on February 4th, 1980. This came about from the desire of a few Master Masons to further study the philosophy of Freemasonry. Our then Grand Master, A. Raymond Pavola VIII, granted permission for the group to be formed in Minnesota. Judge David S. Bouschor was elected Chief Adept and guided the College further into the Light for many years.


Eric J. Neetenbeek, IX°

Chief Adept 19XX – 2022

Eric J. Neetenbeek, IX°

Mark A. Anderson, VIII°

Chief Adept 2022 – Present

Mark A. Anderson, VIII°

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